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Hailed as an incredibly immersing game combining Civilization, Second Life and Monopoly, Crypto Kingdom puts you to decide the fortunes of a townsperson in the 1600s world. Crypto Kingdom (CK) is a 90s-style browser-based MMO-RPG with a focus on player-driven complex economics, dynamic gameplay run by gamemaster(s) and an engaged community that ultimately steers the direction of the gameplay. CK runs in real time, is a collaborative effort (not owned by a gaming company) and is currently in open beta. Playing is completely free and active players and skillful traders soon start to earn salary in the game. Step into an immersive retro world with complex emergent phenomena that reflect the real world: Join us in the Crypto Kingdom!

Getting started

Welcome to Crypto Kingdom! For new players we recommend the following sources to find out more about the game and get active in the community:

The Main Game-play Site:


Join us in IRC:

Active players and latest news are at:
http://webchat.freenode.net/ channel: ##crypto-kingdom

Player diary for learning the basics, and making a profit in the market:


How to play Starter guide in the Wiki:

Starter Guide

More CK resources:

Game announcement thread:


CK Official Twitter:


CK Official Reddit:


A Not-so-short Brief Introduction to CK video


CK Gallery (Ultima Client):