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Health Guide[edit | edit source]

Guide to Health Challenge (Beginner)[edit | edit source]

This guide is for Health Challenge Beginners, it explains what a health challenge is, how it works, and gives some useful tips. If you are new to the game and the health challenge, it is good to start here. This is a very short introduction of the basics. To get more in depth information to help you with your health challenge, read the Advanced Health Challenge guide from Wiki.

What is the Health Challenge[edit | edit source]

Your character's lifespan is measured by its health. Most characters start in excellent or good health, but over time old age, sickness and poor nutrition will start to take its toll. The best way to prolong your character's lifespan is by completing the health challenge. Every week (which is 1 year of game-time) you can consume 200 items of food, 200 items of drinks and 200 items of wisdom substances. Consuming these items will lessen the burden of health issues on your character. Completing the health challenge is very useful: your character can live longer, achieve higher levels, get player salary, and many other benefits. In contrast, if you leave your character unattended it will get sicker and sicker, and after a while die, never reaching its full potential.

How to tackle the Health Challenge[edit | edit source]

- Login to Crypto Kingdom Ultima and go to Agora Marketplace, on top of the list you can see the things you need for your health challenge. The key menus are: Food, Small Drinks, Wine, and Wisdom substances. - Click on to any food or drink, and under the description you can find a command box. In order to find out your current health condition, type the command: “health” to the command line. - The result will be something like this: “You may still eat 200 units, drink 200 units and use 200 units of wisdom this year. Your remaining health challenge is Severe. Your overall health is Good.” - To complete the health challenge you need to obtain and consume food, drink and wisdom items. The staples are: MEAT, VEG, BEER, MEAD and CAN, as they are cheap and plentiful. - In order to obtain these key items, run a command in format of 'buy item_id quantity price' - for example “buy veg 100 2000” buys 100 vegetables for the price of 2000 per each. - Once you have bought your needed items, it is time to consume them. You can do this by the command: “consume item_id quantity”, for example “consume veg 100”. - The result will be something like this: “The eating/drinking felt Effective. I feel the remaining health challenge to be Significant. I could still eat 100, drink 200 and use 200 units of wisdom this year”. Notice this time you also obtain information on how much the consumed food/drink/wisdom helped you in your challenge (here: “Effective”).

Useful tips[edit | edit source]

Staple food and drinks are good for your character in large quantities, but the maximum consume limit is 200 items from each three categories: food, drink and wisdom. So if your consumption limit is almost used and you still have health challenge left, it is good to try some of the higher quality products on the market if you can afford them: Wines, foie or the different spirits. These can help your character to achieve better at the health challenge, but are also more expensive therefore they are usually consumed in moderation.

Some basic ideas of what to consume and how much:

Commoner character, level 1-9[edit | edit source]

100 MEAT
96 VEG
Total 200 items of food

100 BEER
2 spirits
Total 200 items of drinks

100 CAN
Other wisdom in moderation, for example SHI or CIG.
Total 200 items of wisdom

Noble character, level 10-20[edit | edit source]

(or a very difficult challenge)
100 MEAT
73 VEG
Total 200 items of food

120 wines
15 spirits
Total 200 items of drinks

100 CAN
50 SHI
50 CIG
Other wisdom in moderation, for example MUS
Total 200 items of wisdom

Guide to Health Challenge (Advanced)[edit | edit source]

If you don´t yet know what a Health Challenge is, or how it works, please read the Beginner’s Health Challenge guide in the wiki. When you are familiar with the basics, we move on to Health Challenge Advanced. (thank you Syksy, HM, and Noms for your help in completing this)

This guide goes more in depth into Health Challenge: explaining the health challenge scales, how to get the various health bonuses, how to budget for health challenge, how to tackle the challenge cost effectively and how to determine which items are most useful to your health.

The Health Challenge Scales[edit | edit source]

Character Health[edit | edit source]

The character health range is Excellent-->Good-->Decent-->Weak-->Ailing-->Dead. Most characters start to play in “excellent” or “good” health. Taking care of the health challenge will slow down the health decline significantly. Once a character is ailing it is close to death, and it is a good time to take care of appointing a successor for it.

Health Challenge[edit | edit source]

The health challenge range is Brutal-->Severe-->Significant-->Moderate-->Insignificant-->None. This signifies the hit your health will take that week. Most challenges start at either “Brutal” or “Severe”, but careful consuming of the right items can reduce your health hit to “moderate”, "insignificant" or even sometimes "none".

Effectiveness of food and drinks[edit | edit source]

The result from the consume of food, drink and wisdom items range from Powerful-->Wonderful-->Effective-->Satisfying-->Useful. This signifies the usefulness of the consumed item for your current health challenge. The quantity will also play a role here, for example consuming 10 VEG might only have a ‘useful’ effect, yet consuming 100 VEG can be ‘effective’ instead.

A link to the table that defines the effectiveness of various drinks:

Health Challenge Bonuses[edit | edit source]

First consume / Variety bonus[edit | edit source]

During each health challenge, the first time you consume any item for your challenge, you get a health bonus. This variety bonus can be very useful in maximizing the effectiveness of the consume. After the first time if you consume the same item again during the same year, there will be no additional bonus. Link to the variety lookup table:

Frequency bonus[edit | edit source]

There is a daily frequency bonus for consuming items, therefore it is useful to eat and drink on different days during the week to get the maximum bonus for frequency. This can save you some money on your challenge. But if you are rather short of time, you can do all the consuming on one go. The bonus is not so significant that not receiving it would set you back on your challenge.

Particularly effective foods, drinks or wisdom[edit | edit source]

During some health challenges a certain food, drink or wisdom can be more useful for your health than it regularly is. The game master often leaves hidden clues that may direct players towards the correct direction in search of these items.

An example is the story-driven “yellow fever”, that swept over CK in 1616. Yellow fever was traditionally treated by drinking gintonic, and it was concordantly discovered by the players that the item GIN was particularly effective that year for the health challenge.

Active players can usually spot particularly effective items during their health challenge, and are eager to post their observations on the forum thread or the IRC channel. It is therefore advisable to stay active on these channels to find out the latest info on the health challenge.

Budgeting the health challenge[edit | edit source]

It is easy to get overexcited about the Health Challenge and blow your budget on luxury goods that are not necessary. Make a budget for your health challenge and stick to it. First find out how much your character´s annual income is, then decide how much of it you are willing to use for the health. Some challenges are easier than others, but there will always be hard ones as well. It is good to have some back up for when a difficult challenge hits.

Commoners can complete the health challenge on a budget ranging from 1-5mil /week, and Nobles for about 10-15mil /week. If health is your priority and money is not a concern, it is possible to complete the health challenge perfectly, so that no hit to health is taken, but this will usually require a larger budget.

Useful tips[edit | edit source]

Start by consuming cheap staple foods such as MEAT, VEG, BEER and MEAD, they are the basics of any diet. But don´t blow your quota and save some room for more expensive and more effective products that can be necessary.

Cost effective tackling of a challenge means that by the time you have finished, you have achieved your health goal by consuming all or most of the available quota. If you have quota left after your challenge is already completed, it means you were consuming too many high end products.

It is not intended to always play the challenge until "none" of it is left, while the option is always open for those who have a limitless budget. However more cost effective is to sometimes leave a challenge "insignificant" taking only a tiny health hit, or "moderate" if the challenge was a difficult one.

After you have done your first few health challenges you will get an overall feeling which foods and drinks work better than others, and how much are needed in quantity. Usually the higher the price, the better it is for your health. Regardless it is not always necessary to buy the most expensive things to tackle your challenge: sometimes higher price just means you are buying a luxury product, and while it is likely good for your health, it is useful to consider the benefit vs cost.