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NPCC - Non-Player Character Consumer account[edit | edit source]

What is NPCC?[edit | edit source]

Non-Player Character Consumer account was created to be the greatest sink of consumables (mainly VEG, MEAT, MEAD, BEER, CAN) so that the farms, manors and counties could be set up to produce them. The role is enlarged to be a provider of new items to the game as well. We have previously had auctions and direct sales when new items are introduced, but they have been centralized and not functioned optimally from the market standpoint. Now new items (eg. SFS) can be given to the NPCC who have the right incentives for disposing of them in the most market-efficient manner.

General NPCC Rules[edit | edit source]

NPCC accounts are system accounts, so they are owned by the Town and their main objective is to generate the markets. For the controllers, this is set up as a 5-year quest, to get the most points from consumes, for which it is needed to sell the items given for sale, buy the consumables, and consume them at the right schedule.

Points formula is as much as possible identical with the previous quest. Most points are gotten from eating every day, but also drinking and suits are important pillars that cannot be ignored. Suits are not consumed but their number is giving points every year, with 10x points in the last year to account for the residual value of the remaining stock (which is in 100s of millions). Also luxury items give points, so all in all this is an optimisation game - just collect the most points! You will need to make choices all the time because these are NPCs, they have money but it is not unlimited and cannot be deposited more.

The trial round that just ended gave rise to questions about what kind of market conduct is allowed. Then the rules were left lax, to see what needs to be clarified. So the clarifications that take effect now are as follows:

  • The NPCC is an independent account, to be managed for its own benefit. It must not give or squander its assets in a way that is obviously counterproductivefrom its own pov. Any action that cannot possibly increase the NPCC points is therefore forbidden. (Luckily there was not even a hint of this so far but important to state anyhow.)
  • The NPCC quest is not "who has the most money" quest, so giving stuff to the NPCC account from your other accounts is forbidden as well.
  • To make it easier to enforce, the NPCC are only allowed to have market trades via the Agora market system, so all OTC gifting and even trading is forbidden categorically and both ways.
  • The market should be competitive, and especially now since we will be re-enabling the chained orders: It is allowed to place orders from one account (eg Farm) and execute them from the other (NPCC), and there is no delay or other requirement. The manors and farm owners are liable to give such orders to the management that this will not lead to embezzlement, and if it does, it is their duty to fire such managers.
  • When items are given to the NPCC for sale, if they are of a new type with markets only developing, there is a 1 hour delay after such new items are put for sale, before the controller can act as a buyer of the order he placed from the NPCC. This applies to the items that the NPCC are selling for profit only, it does not apply for items that the NPCC can consume (eg. it does not apply to MUS, where everyone should handle their bids so that selling "too cheaply" cannot occur).
  • NPCC can freely buy, sell and hold all the items in their consume list and M. The other items, lots, CKG, CON etc. they are not allowed to buy and they may only sell those items that are given to them for selling. This selling must be completed before the quest ends.
  • Remember that you may NOT sell the S-production dividend items, but any consumables are free game as well as suits. When reporting the suits at the end of the year, please pay attention that you report your actual count and don't leave e.g. sell orders hanging that will give you unfair advantage after supposedly reporting your final suit counts.

Negative M balance in the end will be penalized fairly so that it does not make sense to cause it on purpose but does not wreck the game for those who accidentally ended up so. Positive M balance will not yield any points, and no item balance will yield any points in the end except that of suits.

When the quest ends, all consumes must happen before the week ends UTC.

NPCC Consume points[edit | edit source]

Food[edit | edit source]

5000*VEG-> worth 1 points, except on superVEG Thursday when it's worth 3 points

5000*MEAT-> first consume of the week worth 6 points, second 4 points, third 2, then 1. Year change will reset this counter.

N.B: Every empty day when nothing was consumed will give minus points as hunger penalty. SuperVEG gives extra points, so consuming VEG for Thursday needs to be done on Thursday. On Friday it is not possible to consume any VEG for Thursday's count, not even "normal" VEG. Also Wednesday VEG consume needs to be the pre-spoil VEG, so consuming double SuperVEG does not count even for 1 point.

Small Drink[edit | edit source]

5000*MEAD-> worth 1 points

5000*BEER-> worth 3 points

If drinks total points is less than 10 per week, thirst penalty will apply.

Luxuries[edit | edit source]

Each of the separate types are worth 4 on the first consume, 2 on the second, 1 on the third etc.




Wines and Spirits[edit | edit source]

Wines/Spirits have a new formula, based on the published values. Each year it is possible to consume each of the following, and several times if wanted (double amount required for each additional time of same item per year). Since the possibilities are endless, it is good to carefully consider which item brings the best benefit for money and how profitable it is to eat, drink beer and buy suits.

The following items need (1, 2, 4, ...) bottles of consume, to get points:







The following items need (2, 4, 8, ...) bottles of consume, to get points:





The following items need (4, 8, 16, ...) bottles of consume, to get points:





The following items need (8, 16, 32 ...) bottles of consume, to get points:



The following items need (20, 40, 80 ...) bottles of consume, to get points:




The following items need (40, 80, 160 ...) bottles of consume, to get points:





The following items need (60, 120, 240 ...) bottles of consume, to get points:





The following items need (100, 200, 400 ...) bottles of consume, to get points: