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Player Characters (PC) are functional units with the Crypto Kingdom that are typically controlled by a single player. However, there are exceptions in the sense, that sometimes due to lack of time or temporary obstruction an another player will take over (Wealth Manager), or that multiple people have access to a single PC account. This is often the case in the case of Corporations, or system accounts such as the Town, Labor pool etc, where multiple moderators may have to have simultaneous access in order to maintain all functionality related to the PC.

Types of PCs[edit | edit source]

Standard PC gameplay[edit | edit source]

An average player

Peasants[edit | edit source]

Nobility[edit | edit source]

Royalty[edit | edit source]

Special cases of PC gameplay[edit | edit source]

Wealth Managers[edit | edit source]

Purpose of WMs in short

Dead PCs[edit | edit source]

Sweep, funeral etc

Corporations[edit | edit source]

System accounts[edit | edit source]


Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Most important PC mechanics

Level[edit | edit source]

Here a lot regarding character level

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Here e.g. wisdom

Other attributes[edit | edit source]

For example shortName, charId, etc that may be relevant

Health Challenge[edit | edit source]

Health challenge related issues

Death[edit | edit source]


Badges[edit | edit source]


Items[edit | edit source]

Mention restrictions