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This is a brief starter's guide for a person new to Crypto Kingdom. Given that the game mechanics are still under development and that many aspects of CK fluctuate quickly, consider this only a conceptual introduction to what one might want to do. After all, it's about discovering the world of CK and making your own impact in it that will ultimately determine your fate, and nobody can hold your hand through-out it!

CK Starter Guide[edit | edit source]

Game Play[edit | edit source]

  • Player-driven community and persistent world, where the characters themselves ultimately determine the fate of the game.
  • Complex economical management, which leaves a lot of room for speculation, statistical predictions and surprising turn of events. Many storylines are manually curated by the gamemaster(s) and players can dynamically effect the tide of events.
  • Minimalistic graphics, which are largely based on textual information and a SNES-era tileset graphical palette. The game develops graphics-wise continuously, but this is only a secondary priority after tuning and developing the complex gameplay.
  • High-stakes, risk and reward. Since Crypto Kingdom's focus is with investments and economics, it is always possible that one will end up dirt poor after living the life of the prodigal son - or make a fortune by rising from the ranks of a peasant to the highest nobility.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Figure 1: CK registration screen

Figure 1 displays the Ultima registration screen. Typically a human player character will have characteristics such as age and nickname attributed to them at registration, with other characteristics derived later when the character is created. Notice that the e-mail attribute is not required at registration; however, should the player forget his or her password or lose control of their account otherwise, this is the main method of returning control of an account, so it is highly recommended that a valid e-mail is provided at registration.

Starting age is usually advised to be low for new players, but it is also possible to start at an older age for example due to role-play reasons. For a beginner, low age guarantees that their character has good chances of tackling the health challenge properly, as the challenge becomes increasingly harder as a function of the character's age. In return, older age is often considered more noble in stature, and in some cases it may even be a requirement to be eligible for certain actions, titles, or incentives.

Notice that the short name provided at registration is the player's nickname; a longer name can also be provided and will be applied where appropriate, although most of the commands work based on the nickname (aka. shortName).

Figure 2: CK login screen

Figure 2 displays the standard login screen. Login is required in order to be able to perform actions for a certain character or a corporation; however, it is also possible to take anonymous tour of CryptoKingdom, but such a tour is limited to only observing the Agora markets or the map without possibility to interact with it.

The login requires the nickname aka. shortName and the case-sensitive password in order to login as a particular character. If an e-mail is provided upon registration, the forgotten password feature can be used to redeem an account.

Aims[edit | edit source]

  • The game aims to create an evolving world where player's choices decide how the game develops.

Expanding[edit | edit source]

Communication[edit | edit source]

Further reading[edit | edit source]

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